The thermostat in your home provides a simple air conditioning solution. On older thermostats, you would simply set the temperature and your HVAC system would run until the home reached that temperature. The result could make your home feel comfortable but also result in wasted money and energy resources. The professional installation of a smart thermometer not only helps keep your home at a comfortable temperature but also saves you money at the same time.

This article explores how a smart thermometer can help save you money in the long run and make a difference in your home’s heating and cooling bills.

Daily Schedules and Temperature Adjustments

When you spend the day outside the home working or running errands, you don’t need to waste money on heating your home. With a smart thermometer, you have the opportunity to set a daily schedule and make adjustments to your temperature. For example, when you leave for the day, a quick adjustment can turn the heat off and will save you hours of use on your furnace or other HVAC systems.

The installation of a smart thermometer means you can make these adjustments even if you aren’t physically located near a thermostat. The smart thermometer connects to your home’s Wi-Fi system for easy access through an app download. An app interface will include multiple ways to set the thermostat. Quick settings allow you to turn on the heat or air conditioning if you have central air. You can check the current temperature of your home and make adjustments. Smart thermometers also come with the option to turn on auto-settings that allow the thermostat to make choices of their own based on different habits and temperature readings. With automatic settings, you can save money. It’s no longer necessary to constantly adjust thermostat temperatures throughout the day.

Instead of making adjustments in real-time, you can use an app to set a specific schedule. For example, if you get out of work at 4 p.m. every day, then you can set the thermostat to turn on at 3 p.m. so the home reaches a comfortable temperature as you arrive home. The times can change based on different shifts, and you can set schedules for weeks in advance so you don’t need to constantly update the thermostat. Programming your settings will help you save money in the long run.

Programming your thermostat will also help when you leave your home for longer periods. Instead of running a furnace while on vacation, you can turn it off completely and monitor your home temperature while away. If you have extreme cold fronts or heat waves, then you could briefly turn on the system as needed to help manage other elements in the home, like electronics and appliances. Overall, the app usage with a smart thermometer will help you save on home energy costs.

The app interface is easy to use and gives clear instructions on how to operate and control the thermostat. If you have other smart devices in your home, then you may be able to pair a smart thermometer with other apps. This will make it easy to manage everything in a single app. For example, you could reduce energy costs in a single app by shutting off lights, turning on fans for air circulation, and turning the heat thermostat down. All of these elements combine to give you complete control over your home and reduce your daily energy usage.

Data Collection and Adjustments

The “smart” found in a smart thermometer can help you save money as well. Smart thermometers are designed to learn and adjust to your home’s temperature settings. Through the collection of temperature data in your home, smart devices will know how long your home takes to heat up. With this data, the thermostat can set temperatures at proper times and make adjustments as needed.

For example, if you want comfortable heat on cold mornings, then the smart thermometer will know how long it takes to warm up your home. It will then set the proper time before you get up in the morning. These minor adjustments will shave extra time off heating and cooling use to ensure you save the most money. These features work with all types of HVAC systems. Our professional technicians can install smart thermometers that work with oil-based furnaces, electric heat, or central air units. Our professional installation will ensure the smart technology works seamlessly with your HVAC system so you don’t run into any problems.

Some apps will include energy savings data to show the differences made with different adjustments. You may even be able to see future cost-saving measures if you cut down on heating time or reduced usage at times you didn’t need it. For example, you may turn off the heat at night in areas of the home besides your bedrooms. Seeing the savings as an actual dollar amount can help encourage you to save even more and make some lifestyle adjustments for the better.

Professional Calibration

Along with the professional installation from our experienced HVAC technicians at Associated Heating & Air, the process will also include calibration of your smart thermometer system. When a system is not properly calibrated, you may lose money due to excess energy costs. For example, if a thermostat is not calibrated correctly, then the heat could stay on for longer because the thermostat believes your home isn’t reaching the proper temperature.

With proper calibration, you can ensure your smart thermometer is accurate. You will also reduce your energy costs. After the installation job, our HVAC technicians will compare the smart thermometer readings with their own devices to ensure accurate calibration. They will then make any adjustments necessary before wrapping up your home project.

Professional Smart Thermometer Installation

On day one of your smart thermometer installation, you can enjoy the money savings that come with the advanced technology. As the years go by, those savings will add up and help you have complete control over your cooling and heating.

The best way to take advantage of these money-saving opportunities is with our trained professionals at Associated Heating & Air. We can help disable your old thermostat, install the new one, and go over complete operation instructions. With years of experience in the Orange County area, you can rely on us for a wide range of other services including HVAC installations, repairs, or annual inspections.

We offer free, no-obligation estimates and we offer a five-star guarantee for our services. We can help you save money, too. We have money-saving coupons that you can mention when you schedule a service. With a low monthly payment, we also provide a Premier Program where you’ll get annual maintenance on your HVAC system.

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